Do’s and Don’ts To Keep Your Skin Healthy For A Life Long Time.

By | December 28, 2020
keep your skin healthy

Does your skin start aging faster than your age? Does your skin look boring and dull? And with time, it is only getting worse?. Does your skin call you for attention whenever you pass through the mirror? Your heart aches right. But you choose to ignore it anyway. But what if We tell you that you don’t need to ignore the screams of your skin. You just need to change a little lifestyle for better skin. So here we are with SIMPLE And Effective Ways To Keep Your Skin Healthy – 4 Do’s and Don’ts”

Hard work and no care makes your skin dull dead and unclear. We humans sometimes get so much busy in the lifestyles that we chose to escape from the problems our own skin and body facing. We care about our loved ones but decide to not pay attention to ourselves. Is that unfair? You don’t need extra difficult efforts to take care of your body and skin. You can maintain your work, life, and health balance by adopting new lifestyles.

This article is going to tell you the easiest yet effective ways to keep your skin healthy.

Simple And Effective Ways To Keep Your Skin Healthy.


1) Quit Sugar and Fried processed Food Today:

Consuming sugar via tea, soft drinks, cakes is not only bad for your health and waist but also deteriorate your skin internally gradually. You can even go so far as to say, sugar is your enemy.
It gets mixed with our proteins, speeds up the inflammation process, breaks down collagen’s and gives birth to glycation.
This process of glycation makes the skin Inflexible, stiff, and is the main reason for premature aging.
You don’t have to completely cut the sugar diet from your life. Instead of sugar, you can use Jaggery which is quite helpful and aids many problems.

2) Its high time to turn your back on Smoking:

If you are a smoker or a chain smoker then this news is going to be heart-wrenching for you. You are leading towards the destruction of your skin and health.
You can expect young alive skin with a habit of smoking.
Research has proven that toxins present in cigarette badly destroy the production of collagen and elastin ( which are believed to be the backbone of supple fine skin. There are various health effects of smoking.
List of problems smoking causes –

¤ Sagging skin

¤ Tar skin

¤ Premature Skin

¤ Fading of Skin Tone

¤ Skin Cancer

¤ Psoriasis etc.
So, If you are a smoker it high time that you must turn your back on smoking and adopt a new healthy life.

3) Say Goodbye To High-Calorie Fried Food:

Who not loves fried food, fried rice, crispy fried potato chips & junk food. All of us do. But sometimes, we have to make difficult choices in life, we have to sacrifice the most loving things in order to achieve something.
Unfortunately, fried high-calorie foods are not friends with healthy skin as it is full of fats & carbohydrates which is dreadful for your body.
Fried food demolish the cell structure of the dermis and epidermis. It blocks the way of skin to attain essential moisture which is necessarily leading to dehydration of skin due to which toxic remains there and wouldn’t flush out.
They cause problems like dark dead skin, make the skin prone to acne, and poor complexion.

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4) Stop Worrying & Leave Stressful Life Behind:

We are somehow battling in our life. We remain worried about our jobs, family, friends, spouse kids, etc. Do you ever think of how this worrisome poor the condition of our skin and health?
It’s important to worry about your skin now. Our skin gets affected deeply when it has not been checked for a long time.
The stress increases the production of cristol which makes the skin oily excessively. Acne and skin problems are prone to oily skin.
It worsens the diseases like psoriases, rosacea & eczema cause blisters and skin rash problems.
Do mediation for relaxing your mind. Set boundaries for your work.


1) Drink Enough Water- A way to clear Flawless Skin:

You must have heard that drinking a sufficient amount of water is a requisite for the overall body. Your digestion, circulation, absorption, excretion work properly when you drink water.
Many types of research have shown evidence that water flushes out the toxins make skin radiant, brighter & younger.
The reason behind this because most of the body is made up of water. Cells are made of water, cells combine to form organs. Organs do not function properly if they do not meet the required amount of water. Skin is also made up of skin cells. So thus in order to prevent dryness, dehydration you need to drink abundant water.
Drink at least 8-9 glasses of water a day.
Use water as spray and you can also use hydrating moisturizer and spray it directly to your skin. This is also a good way to provide water directly to your skin.

2) Take your Step Towards Sleep:

If you use heavy cosmetics & products in your daily beauty routine and if you are not taking enough sleep then sorry, you are not doing any good to the skin.
Add 7-8 hrs of sleep to your daily routine to make your organs function properly.
Your body resets & recovers itself when you sleep which adds benefit to your looks.
A rich amount of sleep lets you enjoy a glowing complexion, less puffy eyes, a happier look, and even your night cream will work well if you take a beauty sleep of 7-8 hrs every day.

3) Yoga -Key To Drop- Dead Gorgeous Skin :

It’s better to rely on yoga than on expensive cosmetics for healthy glowing skin. Yoga is a natural way to heal your skin problems internally.
Some asanas or poses which are quite beneficial for the skin are Suryanamaskar: purifies the blood, improves skin complexion. Danurasana: Detoxifies your body, stress buster. Matsyasana: Improves circulation of blood. Bhujangasana: Allows your lungs to intake oxygen effectively.

4) Make Green High Fibre Fruits and veggies your friends:

High fibrous fruits and veggies are the direct methods to consume nutrients necessary for skin.
These nutrients not only purify the blood & supply oxygen to skin cells. Make your looks better.
Some rich fibrous fruits & veggies are Leafy vegetables like methi, radish, spinach, sprouts.
In fruits, you must take apples, pineapple, oranges, peach, papayas, etc.
Besides these do not use Highly enriched chemical cosmetics to hide your skin. Use homemade and natural homemade masks and treatments for your skin. Let your skin breathe this time. And you need to adopt these methods from today. There is no tomorrow. And nothing works in a day. You need to maintain this new lifestyle for at least 5-6 months for the results.

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