What Are The Different Ways To Improve Your Immunity During Lockdown?

By | September 5, 2020

In this period when the whole world is suffering from a deadly disease Covid-19, every person is finding ways to improve immunity at home. Stronger immunity helps fight with corona virus. So, to help you, I am going to tell some of the ways to improve your immunity. If you have stronger immunity only then you can fight with corona virus. Here are the ways through which you can improve your immunity .

1. Drink lots of water

drink water to improve immunity

Drinking a lot of water will help you a lot. As we all know that drinking water purifies our body from inside. Water is an essential thing we need in our life as we cannot survive without water. Water helps to carry oxygen to our body cells through which our systems work properly. We can also take lemon water as it is also very beneficial. Lemon water has vitamin-c in it , which boosts our immunity. It is also helpful in digestion. Water is used to prevent sickness and germs. It is used to wash our hands, to clean the food we eat and many more. So, drinking water is one of the very important ways to prevent yourself from coronavirus

2. Drink turmeric milk

drink turmeric milk

Drinking turmeric milk makes us very strong . As turmeric is loaded with many properties which can improve our immunity. Having turmeric milk at night is beneficial for the health and we get good sleep. Thus, turmeric milk helps in fighting infections and boosting our immunity.It is a medicine for cold and cough.People have been drinking turmeric milk for ages. We must include turmeric milk in our daily diet. If you do not know how to make it, you can also learn to make turmeric milk as it will definitely boost your immunity.

3. Do yoga twice a day

do yoga twice a day

Yoga is the best way to improve our immunity. By doing yoga we can fight with our stress too. Yoga leads to positive mind from which we get better health and immunity. During these times of corona virus yoga will help us a lot. We can fight with corona virus ,if we have a stronger immunity. We all must do yoga with meditation to fight with corona virus and to make our immunity strong. So, to be healthy and fill up ourselves with lots of positivity, we all must practice yoga.

4. Do exercise in a day

Doing exercise daily will always help in boosting our immunity through which our body will also be able to fight with many infections. Exercise causes change in antibodies and white blood cells ( WBC). WBC’s are the body immune cells that fights with diseases. We can slow down the release of stress hormones by doing exercise. Exercise makes us fit and helps in losing our weight too. Therefore, to be fit in these hard times of corona virus, we must do exercises daily.

5. Eat fruits and vegetables

eat healthy to improve immunity

Fruits and vegetables have nutrients like vitamin-C,vitamin-E,beta-carotene that can boost our immune functions. Eating green vegetables and fresh fruits are very helpful to us. Oily fish, Sweet Potatoes, Spinach, Broccoli, Ginger, etc are the foods which can boost our immune system. Eating citrus fruits like Lemon which is rich in vitamin-C is the powerful way to make your immunity strong .

Stronger immunity helps fight with corona virus. So to help you these are some of the ways to improve your immunity. If you have better immunity only that time you can fight with corona virus.




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