Some Best Places To Visit In Goa That You Should Not Miss.

By | October 17, 2020

Goa has always been the favourite spot for every individual to visit in India. If, you are also planning to travel to goa, here are some of the best places to visit in goa that you can really not afford to miss.

best places to visit in goa

Anjuna Beach – One of the recommended places to visit in Goa.

One of the hot most loved sea shores in Goa, Anjuna sea shore is loaded down with striking common magnificence and sprinkles of white sands. The evening glow rave parties by the sea shore, particularly during the hour of New Year and Christmas., are very recognizable cross Goa and around the world – one of the attractive variables for unfamiliar and homegrown sightseers the same. In the event that this doesn’t sound happening enough, at that point there’s Bungee Jumping from a 80 feet tower, Para Gliding and Wind Surfing to raise the stakes for your visit to Anjuna.

Baga Beach – One of the best places to visit in Goa for beach-lovers.

Among the top happening places in Goa is the Baga Beach, notable for its sea shore shacks and the agreeable ocean depths. The sea shore gloats of a humming nightlife, and houses a portion of the shaking night clubs like Mambos and Tito’s, that consistently has swarms of gathering darlings. You can visit Mackie’s Saturday night market for some stunning shopping offers. All things considered, Baga is consistently on a voyager’s agenda, for its ideal mix of happening nightlife and fun sea shores. You may participate in exercises like para cruising, water skiing, windsurfing, swimming, kayaking and fishing. This is really one of the spots to visit in Goa.

 Calangute Beach

Named as the Queen of sea shores in Goa, Calangute is additionally probably the best sea shores for Goa the travel industry. Ideal events to visit this sea shore are Christmas and New Year eves where you will see enough footfalls. In spite of the fact that you will see swarms during top and off-top seasons. Calangute is an alluded family objective not at all like Baga. There isn’t a lot of nightlife as the clubs and bars shut down ahead of schedule. Yet, this one stands among the spots to visit in Goa.

Dona Paula Beach

Dona Paula Beach is portrayed by a sentimental legend, which involves the account of Dona Paula De Menzes, who was a girl of an emissary. It is said that she bounced off a precipice for not being permitted to wed her darling who was a nearby angler. Some state she can in any case be seen wearing just a pearl jewelry, while rising up out of waves under the sparkling evening glow. The sea shore offers exercises like water bike rides, speedboat rides, drifting, para cruising, yacht rides, swimming, wind surfing and fishing.

Arpora Night Market

This one is in excess of a customary market. Arpora night market will charm you with its enthusiastic outdoors atmosphere loaded down with products and food slows down in plenitude. There’s more – mixed drinks and DJs! Otherwise called the Saturday night market, it is the biggest shopping and amusement occasion that best complements the interesting and engaging society of Goa. Arpora night market is accessible just during the pinnacle vacationer seasons. This one ought to be absolutely on your rundown of spots to visit in Goa.

Club Cubana – One of the recommended places to visit in Goa for party animals.

This club isn’t excessively far away from the Saturday night market. Its structure involves multi-layered move floors, and its ideal arrangement of ambiences has procured it the name ‘The Nightclub in the Sky.’ The DJs will overwhelm you with their music, and you just won’t have the option to oppose hurrying up. On the off chance that you are visiting Goa to appreciate with your companions, at that point Club Cubana is your places. It is perhaps the best spot to visit in Goa for wild partiers.


This one is a brainchild of in all honesty DJ Aqeel. The bar has a shading changing marble top. The best thing about this spot is that there is in every case some offer continuing for drinks, and simultaneously they guarantee there will never be a dull second here. The move floor is huge, and there’s some lip smacking finger food on offer. In this manner, Hype is perhaps the best spot to visit in Goa to groove on the best music.

Thalassa – The Greek essence in Goa.

“Thalassa” in Greek signifies “Ocean”, and appropriately so this taverna offers a breat perspective on Goa’s Thalassa. Situated on the edge of a high bluff, this spot offers excellent dusk sees. It is loaded with individuals generally during the nights. You should go there to attempt some valid Greek foods, and make the most of their warm cordiality. Probably the best spot to visit in Goa to observe the Greek embodiment.

Corjuem Fort

Very nearly 5 centuries old, Corjuem Fort is more modest in size than different posts in Goa. There are wide dividers, many weapon ports, and murder openings. The fortification lies in the grasp of rich greenery. And, you can get a total sight of lovely towns and islands from that point. The Fort works out of pitted laterite stones. In the mid-1800s, the Fort has utilized as a Military School. And, had in its protections a battery of four firearms. The Corjuem fortress has an interfacing link engineered overpass, which is a famous wellspring of fascination among sightseers, and furthermore the main engineered overpass in Goa.

Bogmalo Beach

Another bended sandy sea shore, this one is viewed as the cleanest in South Goa. Bogmalo is an ideal sea shore for swimming. You may take up water sports like breeze surfing, and water skiing. There are ski-fly offices that you can benefit. Other well known exercises incorporate dolphin spotting and sun washing. Have a go at getting a brief look at the dusk here. It’s excellent. Another astounding reality – there are no sea shore shacks at Bogmalo. Has this one been on your rundown of places to visit in Goa?

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