Upcoming 5 Series & Movies on Netflix Like ‘The Queen’s Gambit’ And More Updates

By | November 23, 2020

The Queen’s Gambit has surprised Netflixers around the globe and in the event that you’ve gone through the entirety of the scenes you might be searching for your next gorge. We’re here to help with recommendations on Upcoming 5 Series & Movies on Netflix on the off chance that you love The Queen’s Gambit.

Upcoming 5 Series & Movies on Netflix

One of the marvels with Netflix is that you should as of now be seeing some more shows proposed to you in the event that you had fun and offered it a go-ahead yet on the off chance that you need some more proposals, here’s our best five:

Call the Midwife

Type: TV Series

On the off chance that the period The Queen’s Gambit is the thing that charms you to the arrangement, we were unable to prescribe Call the Midwife to you enough as a portion of the prior seasons are set around a similar time as The Queen’s Gambit.

The convincing British arrangement follows birthing specialists soon after the Second World War and their day by day good and bad times in the work.

In the event that you extravagant somewhat of a more drawn out gorge this arrangement will be your back street to given that it includes well north of 100 scenes to watch through


Type: Limited Series

Godless is a miniseries that revolves around an 1880s town in New Mexico called La Belle that’s governed mainly by women, after a mining accident killed most of the town’s male population. Meanwhile, known outlaw Frank Griffin is on the hunt to get revenge on one of his men, Roy Goode. After Roy seeks refuge in La Belle, chaos erupts between the women of La Belle and Frank Griffin. Thomas Brodie-Sangster (who plays Benny in The Queen’s Gambit) also stars as Whitey Winn, the town’s young deputy, who fights in the battle alongside the women of La Belle. The bottom line is: If you’re into strong, powerful women who know what they want AND falling in love with Thomas Brodie-Sangster, this show is for you.

The Crown

Type: TV Series

On the off chance that the creation quality, ensembles, and time of The Queen’s Gambit blew your mind, we foresee that Netflix’s The Crown (presently into its fourth season) will have a comparative impact.

The Crown likewise shares the way that like The Queen’s Gambit, it includes a staggering female lead as Claire Foy for seasons 1 and 2 and Olivia Colman in seasons 3 and 4. It is one of the Upcoming 5 Series & Movies on Netflix.

Past that, we truly don’t figure we can sing the show’s commendations enough given that it’s effectively Netflix’s sparkling gem in its Netflix Original arrangement.

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The Coldest Game

Type: Movie

It’s an advantage to present this failed to remember Netflix Original film on the off chance that you missed it when it delivered a year ago (and you’d be pardoned how little it was advanced). It likewise depends on the round of Chess yet applies it in a totally different setting.

Featuring Bill Pullman, the film is set during the 1960s around a similar time as the Cuban rocket emergency. Pullman plays Joshua Mansky who is drafted to play in a Chess coordinate against the Soviets.

It’s a convincing watch that that depends on a genuine story (much like The Queen’s Gambit).


Type: Movie
Warning: not every region is streaming this movie

Two years back, Sony Pictures Classic delivered a film that went moderately neglected because of the idea of the topic. We’re satisfied to offer it our two go-ahead however and suggest it, especially in case you’re a devotee of the reason of The Queen’s Gambit. It is one of the Upcoming 5 Series & Movies on Netflix.

The British dramatization is about a mother who finds an enthusiasm for tackling jigsaw riddles and ends up associated with a world she never considered.

Kelly Macdonald stars as the lead job.

If none of these shows took your fancy and you’re just looking for another limited series here’s a roundup of some of our favorites currently streaming:

  • Maniac
  • Reckoning
  • Unbelievable
  • Alias Grace
  • When They See Us
  • Self Made
  • Harlan Coben’s The Stranger
  • Harlan Coben’s Safe

Have we missed any glaring recommendations on what to watch after The Queen’s Gambit? Let us know in the comments.

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