Sexiest Men Alive- Top Most Sexy Men In The World.

By | December 11, 2020

List Of Sexiest Men Alive

Here is the list of Sexiest Men Alive in the world. Check it out and let us know if your favorites are in it or not.

Michael B. Jordan

Michael B. Jordan

“It’s a cool feeling,” Jordan tells in this week’s cover story. “You know, everybody always made that joke, like, ‘Mike, this is the one thing you’re probably not going to get.’ But it’s a good club to be a part of.”

Chris Evans

Chris Evans-Sexiest Men Alive

Like many people in 2020, Chris Evans has come to realize he can “go a very long time without human interaction,” he jokes. The self-described “homebody,” 39, nevertheless had a busy schedule: He launched a bipartisan political engagement website, A Starting Point, and joined Instagram (where he quickly racked up more than 7 million followers). These days, the star is feeling hopeful about what lies ahead.

“I try not to think too far into the future, because for me it can turn into worry, but I’d like a wife and kids,” he admits. “I like the idea of a very simple existence with simple pleasures.”

Lucas Bravo

Lucas Bravo

He won over hearts as Emily in Paris’s already-spoken-for love interest Gabriel on the hit Netflix show, but in reality Bravo, 32, insists his own life in the City of Lights is “really quiet and chill,” he says. “I have a small, close group of friends. We kind of live behind closed doors like cavemen.”

Dwayne Johnson

Dwayne Johnson-Sexiest Men Alive

 Former Sexiest Man Alive, 48, lives every day to the fullest. “My favorite time of the day is before the sun rises and our babies are still sleeping,” he says of his wife, Lauren Hashian, and their two daughters.

“I can get great, productive work done in my office, and of course I love when they call for me on the baby monitors — then it’s breakfast time!” And at night? “That’s when the babies are asleep and it’s ‘Netflix and chill’ time with me and Lauren and a glass of Teremana,” he says with a nod to his tequila brand. “I’ll say no more before I get in trouble.”

Paul Mescal

Paul Mescal

Despite catapulting into the spotlight with his gripping performance in Hulu’s romantic drama Normal People (which earned him an Emmy nomination), the Irish actor, 24, still enjoys life’s simple pleasures: “I love exercise, watching television, reading; fairly generic and probably boring, but that’s me.”

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In August the Colombian singer-songwriter, 26, surprised fans with Papi Juancho, his fifth studio album, while the music video for his runaway hit “Hawái” has racked up more than 420 million views on YouTube. To stay zen in 2020, “I built a meditation room in my apartment in Miami,” says Maluma, who stars in the upcoming rom-com Marry Me. “It’s a way to block out the noise in your mind.”

Pedro Pascal

Pedro Pascal

The Mandalorian actor, who is cloaked by a face shield and has TV’s cutest costar (Baby Yoda!), has gotten by lately with a little help from his friends. “What would have been a text turns into a three-hour conversation,” says Pascal, 45, of the way his relationships have deepened since the pandemic began. “I felt grateful all of these friendships were there.”

Cris Rock

Cris Rock- Sexiest Men Alive

The comedian and recent star of Fargo, 55, used his time at home to learn to swim, and as a result, “my body’s in better shape than it’s ever been,” says Rock, who also cut sugar from his diet. Long term, “I hope my kids are healthy and I’m with somebody who’s crazy about me,” says the father of two. “Nothing is more important.”

Paul Rudd

Paul Rudd-Sexiest Men Alive

In September the actor, comedian, and voting enthusiast took part in New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s national Mask Up America campaign by portraying a “certified young person” in a hilarious video that quickly went viral. So has Rudd, 51, learned anything about himself during the pandemic? “It doesn’t take much to make me happy,” he says.

Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt- Sexiest Men Alive

The actor, 56, said he was “gobsmacked” when he won the Best Supporting Actor Oscar this year for his supporting role as stuntman Cliff Booth in Quentin Tarantino’s Once Upon a Time…in Hollywood. He is one of the Sexiest Men Alive in the world. “I got friends, I got lovely kids, I like my coffee, I like my dogs,” said the actor. “I’ve got no complaints.”

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