Baba Ka Dhaba In Delhi Received Huge Support From People After Video Went Viral.

By | October 8, 2020
baba is dhaba

On Thursday, the eighty-year-old Kanta Prasad saw a gigantic group swarming his shop- Baba Ka Dhaba, because of a video post by a Samaritan via online media.

Prasad, who along with his significant other runs a little food booth ‘Baba ka Dhaba’ in Delhi’s Malviya Nagar has been battling to get by. During lockdown because of Covid-19, Prasad lost his everyday salary as individuals quit eating outside.

The video begins with the 80-year-elderly person crying as he is battling to get by. He likewise referenced that he has been working at the food joint since 1988.

The video before long began moving with #BabakaDhaba on Twitter.

‘Baba ka Dhaba ‘sells home prepared food like dal, chawal and roti at ostensible costs.

Baba Ka Dhaba- Earnings

baba is dhaba

When asked what amount the matured couple gain in a day, Prasad says, “Earning? This is the amount we’ve earned.”

He at that point delivered a dainty heap of Rs 10 notes from a crate and said that is all they’ve earned. The couple said they don’t procure more than Rs 80 per day, in spite of beginning their day right on time at 6.30 am.

“Since the time the lockdown, life has been troublesome”, Prasad said.

The video additionally demonstrated how little the slow down is and as Prasad is seen cleaning his tears as the video closes. The man recording the video is heard promising to support them.

You Can Watch The Video Here:

Since the video was transferred it has been seen more than 80,000 times on YouTube alone. It additionally provoked an overflowing of help from individuals, including superstars and political pioneers, every one of whom looked to help the couple.

The mission likewise made #BabaKaDhaba and #Malviya Nagar pattern on Twitter and various individuals posted pictures and recordings of their visits to the restaurant in the wake of seeing the video.

“There was no deal during the lockdown except for now it seems like entire India is with us,” said Prasad on Thursday.

It all started with an instagram post and a late-night tweet.

Vasundhara Tankha Sharma posted a video by a food blogger featuring the couple and said it “completely broke my heart”. She urged the people of Delhi to “please, please go eat at Baba ka Dhaba in Malviya Nagar”.

Cricketer R Ashwin, entertainers like Randeep Hooda, Raveena Tandon and Sonam Kapoor were among the individuals who looked to support the couple.

Before dawn, “Baba Ka Dhaba” was among the top patterns on Twitter. What’s more, a consistent stream of clients could be seen at the booth.

As the video turned into a web sensation, AAP MLA Somnath Bharti additionally visited the slowdown.

“Will deal with them n I am beginning a drive 2 deal with comparably positioned individuals,” he composed.

Inside hours, visuals of the elderly person cleaning his tears piled on a large number of retweets and preferences. Many offered to help the couple monetarily and others declared designs for lunch at Baba Ka Dhaba.

Baba Ka Dhaba- Clients Increased Rapidly.

“We are elated with the number of clients that are turning up now. We are thankful for the public help,” said Kanta Prasad. His significant other included, “During the lockdown months we were unable to sell anything. We attempted to endure yet today we are overwhelmed with clients. We need to give our endowments to each one of the individuals who helped us.”

Kanta Prasad radiated at the lines at his stand. “It seems like the entire of India is with us,” he told news office ANI.

Individuals could be seen presenting before the dhaba holding up bulletins with the location. Commitments poured in for “uncle and aunt”.

Video Initially Shot By Gaurav Vasan.

Gaurav Vasan, whose video was the defining moment, was additionally at the dhaba. “At the point when I came here yesterday, I had goosebumps tuning in to their predicament. They had earned scarcely Rs 70 the whole day. They had come at 6:30 am to set up the shop and had spent Rs 500 yet even afternoon they had earned just Rs 70. So I chose to record and offer the video to support them. I am overpowered with the sort of help that he has gotten from that point forward. It is extraordinary that there are endless individuals who need to assist this with monitoring battling because of destitution,” he told NDTV.

It is the uncommon instance of web-based media carrying a grin to the face.

In another video, “Baba” had this message: “It isn’t simply me…there are numerous other people who need assistance, who lost their profit.”

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