5 Best New Movies to Watch on Christmas and in New Year 2021

By | December 23, 2020

With the COVID-19 pandemic still a going concern, a portion of your traditional New Year’s Eve festivities — the sort that incorporate groups, gatherings and germ-trading kisses — may be off the table this year. However, the pandemic can’t stop the absolute best New Year’s customs: the objective setting, the best of luck nourishments — best of all — TV and film ultra-long distance races. On the off chance that you ever needed a reason to remain in, comfortable up and remain cuddled up before the TV with a hot drink in your grasp, this year is — and for some it may even beat a jam-packed commencement party! upcoming 5 Best New Movies to Watch on Christmas and in New Year 2021

Enter this rundown of films to watch on New Year’s Eve, crossing from the ’20s to this decade. They all have scenes that occur on December 31, yet, for a few, that is the place where the similitudes end. You can discover NYE motion pictures in essentially any classification, contingent upon what you’re in the mind-set for. Do you need an energetic, sentimental kiss as the clock strikes 12 PM? Do you need something more smart that allows you to consider the year you’ve recently had? Or then again do you need something that will kick 2021 off on the correct foot with you chuckling and holding your sides? The uplifting news is, not issue how you need to feel going into the following year, there’s a film on this rundown that will convey. Best of all — you won’t wake up the next day and begin January with a hangover.

5 Best New Movies to Watch on Christmas and in New Year 2021

December 4: Mank

The story of Herman J. Mankiewicz—screenwriter of Citizen Kane—is brought to life in this David Fincher–directed film starring Gary Oldman, Amanda Seyfried, Charles Dance, and Lily Collins. 

Streaming on Netflix

December 4: Nomadland

In her first big role since winning an Oscar for Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri, Frances McDormand plays a woman who loses everything in the Great Recession and embarks on a road trip through the American West…living out of her car. 

In theaters

December 11: I’m Your Woman

Rachel Brosnahan is earning rave reviews for her performance in this drama about a mother who has to go on the run with her baby after her husband betrays his crime partners.

Available on Amazon

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December 11: The Stand In

Drew Barrymore takes a break from her talk show to star in this new comedy about a Hollywood stand-in who takes over an actor’s life and career. 

In select theaters and on-demand

December 4: Ammonite

It was released theatrically last month, but you can now watch Kate Winslet and Saoirse Ronan’s incredible chemistry from the comfort of your own home. Winslet plays Mary Anning, a paleontologist who begins a love affair with geologist Charlotte Murchison (Ronan). Spoiler: It has a really hot sex scene.

Available on-demand

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